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Air Conditioning & Heat Pump Maintenance

You should have a seasonal heat pump or AC tune up once a year, typically at the beginning of the cooling season, to ensure that your system is working efficiently before the weather gets hot. Then you can enjoy the full potential of your air conditioner or heat pump and keep it running for years to come with a few maintenance tips.

Clean dust or move furniture away from the grates that supply air to each room and make sure the return grate (normally larger and in a hallway) is clear, too. This helps ensure even, proper airflow throughout your home.

Clear leaves and debris from the system’s outdoor condenser unit grille. If you notice the interior of the unit is dirty, contact your contractor. They’ll have the tools and knowledge to power wash the unit without damaging it.

Examine ducts in the attic or crawl space for holes, loose tape or separated sections that might leak air.

Trim shrubbery to allow at least two feet of clearance around the unit.

Set the thermostat mode to cooling (and heating for heat pumps) to make sure it’s working. Contact your contractor for service if you hear any unusual noises.

Replace your air handler filter once a month to reduce airflow restrictions and wasted energy.

Make sure the condensate line is clear to allow for liquid runoff.

Set up an annual checkup of your system. Your YORK® contractor can help schedule routine maintenance.

Air Filter

Changing your central air conditioning unit’s air filter at least once every six months will not only help you save on your monthly bills but also will help extend the life of your system. Changing the filter every three months is even better.

HVAC tune ups are considered regular maintenance and are required by most manufacturers for your warranty to remain in effect.

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