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Gas Furnace Maintenance

You should have a seasonal furnace tune up at the beginning of the heating season, to ensure that your system is working efficiently.  Simple, routine home maintenance of your heating system can increase system life and reduce energy costs.

Confirm the furnace completes a normal cycle from start-up to shutdown. Look at the thermostat reading to confirm the system shuts off when reaching the high temperature set point. If the furnace shuts off before reaching the high set point, it’s likely having a short cycling problem and requires a service call.

Clean dust or move objects away from the grates that supply air into each room – and remember to keep the large return grate clear and clean, too.

Clear obstacles from the furnace and safety switch on the furnace door.

Check vent connections in the exhaust pipe and chimney for rust or gaps.

Make sure your carbon dioxide monitor is operating properly/has fresh batteries.

Replace furnace filters annually.

Set up an annual checkup of your Heating system. Lenco can help schedule routine maintenance.

Air Handler Maintenance

Examine ducts around the air handler for holes, loose tape or separated sections. These can cause leaks in your home’s HVAC airflow.

Replace your air handler filter once a month to reduce airflow restrictions, which can cause your system to work harder and waste energy.

Start Your Home HVAC Maintenance Routine

Keep vents clean and clear.

Regularly change air filters per manufacturer specifications.

Keep outdoor units clear of debris and plant growth.

Don’t ignore unexpected system noises.

Furnace Technician

Schedule Annual Heating Maintenance