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Air Conditioning Services in Los Angeles, CA

Lenco Heating & Air Conditioning provides quality air conditioning services to homes & businesses in Los Angeles, CA. Since 1969 we have been a trustworthy air conditioning contractor in Los Angeles, CA

Air Conditioning Services

When even the Pacific breeze isn’t enough to keep the summer heat at bay, you need a solid, reliable (and efficient) cooling system for your home. But who do you call for air conditioning service in Los Angeles when there’s a problem? The answer is Lenco!

Air Conditioning Repair in Los Angeles

A lot of homeowners would be surprised if they knew they spent money on an AC repair job that they didn’t need to spend. Some customers are even praising the company that sold them a new air conditioner, when in reality, the new equipment wasn’t even needed. Sometimes, an inexperienced tech doesn’t make the right call on diagnosing a problem, and then recommends the wrong course of action. A problem that could have been fixed in less time for less money is then blown out of proportion. When you call Lenco for your air conditioning repair in Los Angeles, your time and money are protected.

Air Conditioning Installation

Lenco offers a variety of systems to fit most budgets, and the quality of our products and our installations is second to none. We strive to provide the best value in air conditioning to Los Angeles. When we receive discount pricing on a product we pass it on to our Los Angeles customers, and we always provide information about government, utility and manufacturer rebate offers.

We offer free estimates for air conditioning installation in Los Angeles performed by our experienced, knowledgeable technicians. Our technicians will come out to your Los Angeles home to survey your existing air conditioning equipment and gather information. This will help them determine what size air conditioning system your space requires and whether any preliminary work may need to be done, such as duct work repair. After assessing your needs, your budget and the logistics of your home and equipment, we will recommend the most cost-effective and efficient system that meets your requirements.

We also perform installations for new home construction and remodels in Los Angeles, CA. We can even modernize your current HVAC system. So call Lenco today for all your Los Angeles HVAC sales and installation needs. We accept cash and credit cards, and we have access to financing.

A Company Who Stands Out

Lenco Heating and Air Conditioning is one of those hard to find HVAC companies. At our core we’re honest and dependable. We do what we say we’ll do, and our customers love us for it. We know companies can say anything they want on their websites, but we also know that once you call (310) 473-2580 and experience the Lenco difference, you’ll be very grateful you found us. Call us for Los Angeles air conditioning service today! We’re ready to enhance the quality of your home comfort control.

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