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Heat Pump Installation in Culver City, CA

Get an estimate for heat pump installation in Culver City, CA. A heat pump is a variation on traditional air conditioners, allowing you to both heat and cool the household from the same unit. Heat pump systems match the same feature sets as air conditioners, however with heat pumps, you need to be proficient in the unique challenges of installing heat pumps in existing homes and buildings. Our trained team can go through your options with you and find the right unit that fits your home & budget.

Lenco provides you with a complete range of expert heat pump services in Culver City. Whether you’re looking for new installation, retrofit, seasonal maintenance, or repair, we can handle any job. We’ve been providing heat pump installation in Culver City since 1969.

YORK® Split System Heat Pumps

A Higher Level of Comfort
Year-round comfort with exceptional efficiency? That’s what a YORK® heat pump unit delivers. Whether removing heat and humidity from the air to keep you cool, or drawing heat indoors to keep you warm, you can count on YORK® heat pumps all year long.

YORK® residential heat pumps provide efficient performance to deliver accurate, consistent indoor comfort year-round.

Advanced design and sound-defeating technologies ensure YORK® split-system heat pumps make no more sound than a typical home dishwasher.

With efficiency ratings as high as 21 SEER, our split-system heat pumps save money while delivering consistent heating and cooling comfort.

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Heat Pump Installation in Culver City, CA

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